Our entire line of Clearround Products have proven to be safe, effective and cost conscientious while providing superior results.  Our list of products follows.  For additional information,  follow the More details link for each product.

Text Box: Spray on special additives for use on ponies & horses with mud fever and thrush to help with discomfort.

Hoof Clean

Text Box: Natural oil which will give your pony or horses hooves a long lasting sheen that aids restoration of cracked hooves.

Hoof Oil

Text Box: Natural based cream to improve & neutralize thrush with active ingredients and help with your horse’s mobility.

Hoof Paste

Non slip, natural sheen with anti-tangle properties, which will give free flowing mane & tail, leaving a well-groomed look for weeks to come.

Mane and Tail

Text Box: Anti-tangle properties, non irritant conditioner to give a luxurious sheen to any breed of pony and horses coat.

Show and Shine

Product List

Text Box: Luxurious shampoo to deep clean your horses coat, non irritant and gives a natural sheen on any breed.

Horse Shampoo

Text Box: A powder sprinkled on horses bedding to reduce urine and smells in your stable, non-irritant to your pony or horse.

Ammonia Reducer

Text Box: With active neutralizing properties to not only clean but neutralize urine, and give a sweet smell, non-irritant to your horse.

Stable Cleaner

Deep cleaning properties which will not affect steel, painted surfaces and aluminum, leaving a fresh odour to your horse box.


Trailer Wash

Hoof Care


Hoof Care

Stable and Horse Box Sanitisers